Warp Speed – I’m Giving it All She’s Got

Even in the midst of drafting this blog post my To Do list seems to be winning its race with me.  It’s a dual metric race, because I have to balance speed with precision to catch up, more like driving in a hurry through a city than an open highway.  I should be good at this, because a significant part of my own practice within the team practice of Think IP Strategy revolves around proficiently making good decisions faster.  We all have our limits, though.  Even the most talented Formula 1 driver will find a speed at which his or her capacity to perform cannot keep up with the sheer influx of necessary decisions…More speed, Scotty.  But I’m giving it all she’s got.

Scotty always finds a way to get a little more.  It’s actually some of the work I relish the most with my clients, because that little bit more in proficiently making decisions faster can make all the difference between winning or not.  No matter how fast the IP function can proficiently assess, decide, and act, it can find advantage in doing so faster, focusing that creative effort on the core of challenges, and throwing of unnecessary burdens that cause friction and sometimes burn out the whole process.  Have to leave it there though, time isn’t waiting.  Whoosh!!!

Image credit: vikhoa

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