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The first three things to do in a new in-house IP Strategy role

Here are three that should be near the top of your priorities.

 1 – Listen & learn

Before you commit to anything, make sure you have spent a lot of time understanding the context, the people and the real goals of the organization.  These are not always the same as the stated goals…

Armed with this, you are going to be much more effective.

2 – Build relationships

An IP Strategy role can not function (or even survive) alone.  You need plenty of interaction with and support from a whole host of people.  Start building relationships from the first minute that you’re there, by helping others and listening to them.

3 – Use your ‘honeymoon period’ to check your instincts

Everyone gets a small ‘honeymoon period’ at the start of a new role in which people will give you a little more leeway to make mistakes and ask those seemingly simplistic questions.  Use this period wisely.  Figure out the tough questions, and formulate your ideas and test them on those people that you trust and whom are in a position to give you great guidance.

The first three things depend a lot on you and your context, of course.

What would you add?

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