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The world of IP continues to change

It used to be the case that it was hard to get good information about intellectual property rights, it was hard to know what to look for and what to do about it.  This natural barrier to entry created quite a considerable barrier to entry in favor of the encumbents advising on all things IP.
Well, that’s no longer the case.  The volume of information that is freely available is overwhelming, and growing every day.
At the same time there’s been an enormous spike in the number of people hawking IP Strategy (without really knowing what it is) using platitudes from a former time – a time when they had all of the information.
Well times have changed…
Are your ‘IP Strategists’ talking in the past (out of their hats) or can you clearly see that they doing the latest, most strategic work there is? 

(Image credit: ~Brenda-Starr~ )

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