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How to be a better IP Strategist

Listen to, understand and be effective in dealing with people.  It’s that simple.

 The most effective people working on IP Strategy within organisations are very clever at the ‘soft’ stuff.  They can read the political currents, they listen to and understand people, and they are extremely effective at working in with the people around them.  Perhaps most of all, they have the confidence of the people around them, particularly the more senior ones.

Some IP Strategists come from a patent attorney background.  This is great (but not mandatory) provided they aren’t the type that enshrines pure technical ability above mere ‘soft’ human stuff – like listening and working in with others.

An effective IP Strategist needs to work in with just about every other department in the company.  To do this you need to be sensitive to the internal political environment – know who to ask for what you need and who you need to be helping out when they need you.  Not in a manipulative way, in a collaborative way.

If you can’t do this, you’re doomed to fail, or worse, die a death of a thousand cuts as people increasingly ignore your suggestions and input.

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