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What has IP reputation done for you?

If you look at past issues of IAM from the last 6 months you will see on average one article per month dealing with the topic of reputation management. And for good reason, as social media and increasing access to information now makes it easier for companies both to build and loose reputation…

Why talk about IP reputation management though? Because ramification of intellectual property actions can now more and more be seen spilling over in corporate reputation/brand creation.

IP reputation has become a powerful tool of many companies in recent times. If correctly managed it can be used to attract valuable talent (Google), to ward off competition and infringement threats (Apple), to gain favorable position in licensing deals (patent trolls), to generate goodwill within the market of operation (P&G management of open innovation platform), to obtain significant financial gain in buy-outs, mergers, or other financial transactions (Microsoft acquisition of Skype).

On the other hand treating IP without considering issues such as corporate marketing and branding can have significant downfalls. Some examples of IP reputation mismanagement and its effects can be found in copyright intensive industries in which public opinion can significantly influence the working of the market (Microsoft had a long reputation of bad wolf for its aggressive enforcement of patent rights).

Although I realize the value of creating and maintaining good IP reputation and can definitely recognize the downfalls for a large organization, I have my doubts about what IP reputation can really do for small and medium size businesses…

At what point can one separate IP reputation as a stand-alone phenomenon and benefit from it as such? What has IP reputation done for you?

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