Bing, brands and verbification

William Lozito has a great post over at Name Wire, on ‘how to “verb up” your brand’.  It’s something some brand owners diligently try to prevent, others embrace.  As William mentioned, Microsoft is certainly in the latter category of brand owners when it comes to their ‘Bing’ brand.

Last month, Microsoft announced that they are adding Bing integration to Xbox – you’ll be able to search Bing from the xbox console.  But they’ve added it as a voice command through Kinect.  So to search, you need to actually say:

“xbox, bing #####”

They’ve been trying to get “bing” to be a verb for ages, now they’ve found a neat way to get people to say it aloud … and say it enough until it stops sounding awkward!  It’s a great strategy!

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