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2011 IP Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

In case you missed it, the 2011 inductees have been announced. Here’s the release from IAM Magazine:

After months of voting by the IP community and deliberation by the IP Hall of Fame Academy, the five inductees into the IP Hall of Fame for 2011 have been officially announced. They are:

Robert Armitage: Senior vice president and general counsel for Eli Lilly since 2003. A tireless campaigner for US patent reform, he has testified before Congress on IP policy issues and is a past president of the AIPLA.

Lynne Beresford: Recently retired as USPTO’s Commissioner for Trademarks, she significantly reduced pendency and improved quality during her time at the agency. In 2008 she led the US team that negotiated the Singapore Trademark Law Treaty.

Donald Chisum: Author of Chisum on Patents, a text first published in 1978 and regularly updated to incorporate amendments to US patent law. He was professor of law at the University of Washington and at Santa Clara University, and he directed the Santa Clara Summer Institute on International and Comparative Intellectual Property in Munich, Germany.

Tian Lipu: Commissioner of China’s State Intellectual Property Office since 2005, he has dramatically increased its size, efficiency, and quality. Under his leadership, SIPO has been elevated to one of the world’s top ranking patent offices.

Randall Rader: Chief Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. With more than 20 years on the CAFC, he is a firm advocate of IP’s role in fostering innovation. He has co-authored several publications and taught classes on IP at universities and law schools across the globe. 

The five were chosen by the members of the IP Hall of Fame Academy following a selection process that began last October. Members of the global IP community were invited to nominate individuals who they felt had “made an outstanding contribution to the development of intellectual property law and practice” and to supply supporting paragraphs giving their reasons. All nominations were sent to Academy members to make the final choice. 

The IP Hall of Fame seeks to identify individuals who have helped to establish intellectual property as one of the key business assets of the 21st century. The aim is not only to acknowledge the vital role played by these innovators in fostering today’s vibrant IP environment and ensuring its continued health, but also to show how central IP is to the global economy and to the well-being of people across the world. The list of previous inductees can be found here for 2006, 2007, 2008 and here for 2010.

The inductees for 2011 will be honoured during the IP Business Congress in San Francisco at a special dinner on 20th June.

Photo Credit: Christian Haugen

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