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What's YOUR pick for the most brilliant IP Strategy move of all time?

We’re putting together a list of the most brilliant IP strategy moves ever made and we’d love your input.

From that we can have a dialog about what made them brilliant IP strategy moves and what conditions, internal and external, led to them. Maybe we can all learn some useful ideas to take away.

Since some of the most brilliant IP strategies may be brilliant for the very reason that no one knows about them – the old adage that the well-known doctor is the one who cures disease and the master doctor, often in obscurity, prevents diseases from occurring – we hope you might bring to light some brilliant IP strategies that no one yet knows much about.

If you wish to send an idea anonymously, please email Robert at Robert[at] and we will keep confidential you as a source – just no legally protected secrets please.

For starters, I will put two on the list we like, one well-known and the other less so.

The Texas Instruments decision to assert its patents in the early 1990s for licensing that created a billion dollar revenue stream and saved the company also became a game changer strategy for the IP industry. It has to go on the list of brilliant IP strategy moves.

Less well known, and while we are not sure whether it was through strategic deliberation or good fortune, Under Armour® staking a place as a premium brand in athletic wear with very little startup budget and in the face of brand juggernauts Nike® and Adidas®, is an IP strategy story that every trademark professional should know and study.

What are your thoughts?

[image credit: Richard Carter]

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