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Working at Think IP Strategy

Working at Think IP Strategy is truly a unique experience and is unlike the typical setup of a consulting firm or law office environment.  First off, it is wonderful to be a part of a global team, and at the same time have your own office, your set up, your environment – any which way you want, anywhere in the world.  Work from home or maybe you are travelling?  Take your laptop and iPhone and connect to other team members, access task lists, client areas, online collection of IP resources via our well structured, interactive and user friendly virtual environment.

All the team have specific roles which are also overlapping – a real sense of community at work.  Working in different time zones almost ensures around-the-clock working which helps us serve our clients more promptly.  An opportunity to strike a work-life balance is well embedded in our culture and the mentally challenging client and non-client assignments helps us appreciate the work we do and keeps us in a positive state of mind.

And then comes the fun part – our group chat area, which we call the Watercooler.  It is a medium for us to interact daily, post pictures of our weekends, exchange cultural backgrounds of our home towns and so on, be it Indian traffic, Aussie Kangaroos or the Chicago snow!  Our yearly retreat is at a different location each year and makes for great times to socialise in person and to re-connect again,  after which we then return to our virtual environments and back to our homes around the globe.

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