How many lawyers can one planet take?

The number of lawyers, particularly in China and India is growing at an incredible rate.  Here’s a quick video from global professional services consulting firm, Beaton.



If you match the growth in lawyers with the similar increase in the filing and use of intellectual property rights, it makes for some interesting possibilities. 

So with more lawyers, and more IP rights, the stage seems to be set for more conflict, more IP litigation.  Or will the modern concepts of openness (aided by Pirates) overcome all of this?  What do you think? 


2 Comments on “How many lawyers can one planet take?

  1. DuncanAs many throughout the world know, the US is “lousy with lawyers.”  In my view, this has been bad for IPR’s.  As you indicate in your post, with many lawyers comes many tasks that need to be done in order to justify the lawyers in the first place.  In the IPR space, this means a primary focus on the R part (that is-rights) not on the P part (that is, the property), and what it means as an asset.  Litigation and enforcement is the way we will be going in the not-too-distant future in China and India.  Alas, I think the Pirates will soon have to find other havens (Arrgh!).


  2. Interesting how the growth of China and India is affecting all industries. It will be interesting to see however, if China can continue it pro-growth policies or if the Government will over react in certain areas creating unneeded regulations. 


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