BioPharma royalties European customs Utah and software – Thoughts on les Nouvelles Jun 09

Particularly worth a read in this issue is Steven Renwick’s review of the North American LES BioPharmaceutical Royalty Rate and Deal Terms Survey.  Transparency around IP transactions is critically important if we are going to be able to demonstrate value to the broader business community.  This study and the summary of it make concrete steps in the right direction.

3 interesting things in this issue were:

(1) A great review of the increasingly important Customs Seizures practices in Europe by Christoph Cordes;

(2) 60 University spin-outs in 3 years, 94% still alive, lowest cost per spin-out in the US – Utah’s model for University commercialisation; and

(3) Valuation of software and the importance of confidential information by Dwight Olson.

Most surprising was the concern expressed in one article over the magnitude of the impact in Canada of the Quanta patent exhaustion decision by US Supreme Court.

Find out more at: the Licensing Executives Society International website.

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