IP Think Tank podcast interview with Burning the Ships authors Marshall Phelps and David Kline

Welcome to this special edition IP Think Tank podcast on Thursday 23rd April 2009.  In this show, Duncan interviews Marshall Phelps and David Kline about their new book – “Burning the Ships – intellectual property and the transformation of Microsoft”.  Amongst other things, the discussion explores:

  • Marshall’s transition out of retirement and into Microsoft;
  • A few practical things to keep in mind when using intellectual property to get the most out of open innovation;
  • Multidisciplinary teams in the Intellectual Property departments of companies;
  • IP Valuation and Accounting; and
  • Marshall and David’s single most important thing they would like people to take away from the book.

We hope you enjoy this special edition podcast, and as always, we look forward to your comments and feedback.



Buy the book at:


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