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Tactical response to infringers – copy them?

Scrabulous is an online (Facebook) but unauthorised version of Hasbro and Mattel’s Scrabble board game – Hasbro and Mattel have threatened legal action and negotiations have been continuing for the past few months.  Though when I last checked, Scrabulous was stil onlne.

In the latest development, RealNetworks with Mattel and Hasbro have launched their own, competing version of online Scrabble. 

This is an unusual response.  Usually the IP owner has no need to ‘copy’ the infringing product, as they have their own, original version already in the market.

Except when the alleged infringement is online (and the original isn’t).  Interestingly, it appears as though the ‘official version’ isn’t as good as the ‘copy’.

More interesting still, is the extent to which the ‘official’ online version breaches copyright in the ‘unauthorised version’.

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