100% Client Focus

Guiding Principles

My team and I are trusted advisors on IP strategy across the globe to innovative companies all over the world.

There are systems baked into the fabric of our firm that ensure that we act as true trusted advisors (such as our complete guarantee, Fixed Fee Caps (below), the way we hire, etc).   Basically, this forces us to add value or disengage – consequently we work alongside your internal team and your external advisors and focus on the areas where we add most value.

We invest unusually high resources in our own intellectual capital so that we can quickly bring the latest thinking to assist you.

All of our work is subject to the following two client-focused conditions:

1 – Complete guarantee:

If at the end of an engagement, you are unhappy with the value received, then you can decide how much to pay (if anything). There is only one condition, that in return for invoking the guarantee, we ask that we can first discuss the reasons for your decision so that we can learn from them.

2 – Fixed Fee Caps:

Before commencing work on an engagement, we will agree on a fixed fee cap that will not be exceeded without express approval. In practice, this only happens if unexpected circumstances change the scope of the engagement and is still subject to approval. The fixed fee cap is called a ‘cap’ because it is the maximum amount payable for the engagement. If it takes less time to complete the work, then the lower figure is invoiced and not the full fixed fee


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